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The Brentwood Union Free School District is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children's health, well-being, and the ability to learn by fostering healthy eating and physical activity.  The District has established a wellness committee to develop the District's proposed local wellness policy, making such policy recommendations for review and adoption by the Board of Education.  The District's Wellness Committee includes, but is not limited to, representatives from each of the following groups:

·  Board of Education;

·  Central Administration;

·  School Lunch – Local 237;

·   Brentwood Teachers Association (BTA);

·   Brentwood Principals and Supervisors Organization (BPSO);

·   Brentwood Professional Nurses Association (BPNA);

·  Students and

·  Parents/Community members

The Brentwood Union Free School District believes that an effective Wellness Policy combines education with practice to create a healthy school environment and encourage healthy behavior.

In developing the policy, the Wellness Committee has taken into consideration the following factors:

·  Children need access to healthy foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to grow, learn, and thrive;

·  Good health fosters improved student attendance and education;

·  Obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in adolescents over the last two decades, and physical inactivity and excessive calorie intake are the predominant causes of obesity;

·  Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are responsible for two-thirds of deaths in the United States, and major risk factors for those diseases, including unhealthy eating habits, physical inactivity, and obesity, often are established in childhood;

·  On a national level, a large percentage of high school students do not participate in sufficient vigorous physical activity; most high school students do not attend daily physical education classes;

·  Nationally, the items most commonly sold from school vending machines, school stores, and snack bars include low-nutrition foods and beverages, such as soda, sports drinks, imitation fruit juices, chips, candy, cookies, and snack cakes;

·  Community participation is essential to the development and implementation of successful school wellness policies;

The Brentwood School District is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children's health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity. To support the District’s Wellness Initiative, we have partnered with Stony Brook University’s Heartlinks Program.

As a District, we have are providing the students with healthy snack choices. Vending machings, with products that meet the Choose Sensibly standards are available only at the Freshman Center and the High School. The District has provided parents with a guide to healthy snacks and beverages. A guide to healthy fundraising activities has been provided to our clubs.

Throughout the year, schools have planned events supportive of the Wellness Policy. Parents of elementary students have been provided with copies of "Nutrition Nuggets", which are also available on our website. In addition, many links can be found on the Athletic Department’s, as well as the Food Services Page suggesting healthy food and lifestyle choices.

The Wellness Committee meets four times a year. Meeting dates and times will be posted on this web page. For further information, please feel free to contact Wellness Committee Chairperson, Scott Hartman, Director of Programs, at (631) 434-2498.
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