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Retirement Incentives, Deadlines (updated January 2014) :

403 B Information (updated 1-17-13) :

Common Standards Planning Links :  (These are the standards specific to New York) (These are the national standards)
(curriculum map terminology, and “elements”)
(assessment vs. evaluation worksheet)
(skills vs. activities worksheet for review)

50 Common Core links

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Biographical Profile & Disclosure Forms :

*Please print and submit signed forms in person to Human Resources
Biographical Profile
Disclosure Form approved 3-2-15

Conference Forms :

*note These forms must be printed and submitted on Pink paper for validation.
MS Word formatted
Conference Request Form (6A 2)
Conference Evaluation Form (6B)
Conference Reimbursement Form (6C)

Resource Links: PITA, BTA, PTSA...:

Health info, including Opt Out and Open Enrollment 10/15/12 :

Final AFLAC meetings notice

Health Opt Out Form, PDF

Open Enrollment 2012

Click for letter by Payroll Manager Irene Malfa:

Hello All,
Open enrollment for the 2013 Benefit Plan Year is underway through November 19, 2012. Attached please find Health Insurance Opt-Out Forms as well as 2013 Flex Enrollment Forms for anyone wishing to participate in our Health Care and/or Dependent Care Plans. Old forms from prior years will not be accepted. Opt-Out forms are to be submitted to the Business Office. If you opted out of the health insurance plan in 2012, you are required to submit a new form for the 2013 calendar year. This is the only documentation you will be receiving regarding the Opt-Out Program. Empire and HIP insurance rates for 2013 have not been released. The 2012 monthly rates are as follows: 2012 Empire Family $1,562.80 2012 HIP Family $1,779.38 2012 Empire Individual $ 712.75 2012 HIP Individual $ 726.28 To determine your annual contribution, multiply the monthly rate above by 12 and then multiply by the percentage as per your union contract. These rates are expected to increase in 2013. Health Care and Dependent Care Plans continue to be administered by Fitzharris Insurance. Health Care Reimbursement Account – Allows you to set aside money through pre-tax payroll deductions (maximum of $2,500 – reduced from prior year max) to reimburse you for medical, dental, vision care, etc. expenses not reimbursed by any other plans. Dependent Care Spending Account – Allows you to set aside money through pre-tax payroll deductions (maximum of $5,000*) to pay for dependent care services such as day care, baby-sitting, or elder care that are necessary in order for you to work. Please note that the Dependent Care Spending Account cannot be used to pay for your dependent’s health care expenses. *$2,500 if married filing separately The carry forward grace period for 2012 expenses runs through March 15, 2013. The carry forward grace period for 2013 expenses runs through March 15, 2014. Qualified unreimbursed expenses incurred during the grace period can be paid with unused contributions from the prior plan year. You must indicate which plan year the funds are to be allocated from at the time you submit your expenses for reimbursement. 2013 Election forms and some related material are attached. Forms must be received by Payroll no later than November 19, 2012. Please post in appropriate areas for employees who do not have access to e-mail. If you do not complete and return a new election form by that date, you will not be allowed to participate until the next open enrollment (next year). Please be reminded that there is no open enrollment period for our 403(b) Plan. Employees may enroll in a new program, alter the amount of their deduction, or change the provider for a tax sheltered annuity at any time. 2013 limits will be advised as soon as they are released by the IRS. 2013 OMNI forms should be available next month and will be distributed District-wide. For your more information, please click on the following link to access OMNI’s website: Irene Malfa Payroll Manager Brentwood UFSD (631) 434-2281 Phone (631) 434-3104

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2014-2015 APPR Composite Scores:

From: Paul Nolan
Your final APPR composite score is available for the 2014-2015 school year. In order to access it, please:
1. Log into RightPath ( ). If you don’t have your log-in information, contact the IT Department at 434-2308.
2. Click on “APPR.” Then click “Teacher Profile Card.” At this point, you can view your subcomponent scores and total composite rating for 2014-2015. You can also click on the subcomponent you would like to view (SLOs or observations).
3. If you have questions about your scores, please contact Jerry Martusciello at
Please note that you will receive a HEDI Composite form to sign next week.

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Positions Available *Tutoring positions available* :

Urban League Long Island are looking for Help:
Help Wanted - Teachers for Afterschool and Saturday Tutoring Academy. ELA and Math for K-12. Applicants must show proof of Teacher Certification and Fingerprint Clearance. Forward cover letter and Resume to

W-2 Information :

2012 Form W-2 has been revised to comply with new IRS regulations.  In an effort to clarify items
printed on your W-2, the following is an explanation of Box 10, 12 and 14 codes. 

  • Box 10:Dependent care contributions only
  • Box 12: Code DD: Total value of medical insurance paid by the District
    Code E: 403(b) Contributions only
  • Box 14: Code 414H: ERS/TRS deductions
    FLEX: Total of all other pre-tax deductions including Empire, HIP, Dental, Vision, AFLAC and/or flexible health spending plan
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