P.T.S.A. - P.T.A.


Council of PTSA General Meetings
Held @ Anthony F. Felicio Administration Building Public Meeting Room @ 7:30pm

Executive Council Meetings (for Unit Presidents
Held @ Anthony F. Felicio Administration Building West Wing Conference Room @ 7:30pm

Council of PTSA Executive Board Members:
Mildred Rivera Council President (631) 647-4153
Michael Sgroi Vice President (631) 273-3969
Debby Fiust Treasurer (631) 560-1888
Susan Baker Corresponding Secretary (631) 434-7899

DIRECTORY (click School for web page)*

FJC Southeast Kim Charles President 434-2265
Hemlock Park Lloyd Patterson President 434-2451
Laurel Park Daiana Cajamarca President 436-2464
Loretta Park Doreen Roman President 434-2246
North Elementary Frank Liebe President 434-2275
Northeast Patti Soto President 434-2435
Oak Park Martha Canizalez President 434-2255
Pine Park   President 434-2251
Southwest Dawn Mojica President 434-2261
Twin Pines   President 434-2457
East Middle School   President 434-2473
North Middle School   President 434-2356
South Middle School Donna Rodolosi President 434-2341
West Middle School Rhonda Matera President 434-2371
High SchooI PTSA
Maria Collins
*please note, some postions not updated

SEPTA  435-9111

President: Jill Wolynetz
  • Contact Jill Wolynetz at Jill.Wolynetz@bufsd.org for information or questions.
  • New members will be able to join September 2017. Watch for our application in your child’s backpack.
  • Join our Facebook group “SEPTA of Brentwood” for information about parent information meeting and events for the 2017-2018 school year.
calendar imageClick here for 2016-2017 SEPTA Calendar

Recording secretary: Beth Law
Treasurer: Rosanna Mendola
Membership Application, Spanish
Membership Application, English
SEPTA Logo 2Volunteers needed
please call  435-9111