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Integrated Algebra II and Trigonometry

Major Concepts/Skill

•       Solving linear equations and inequalities

•       Quadratic equations

•       Systems of equations and inequalities

•       Rational equations

•       Operations with polynomials

•       Operations with algebraic fractions

•       Factoring

•       Linear and quadratic graphing

•       Right triangle trigonometry

•       Operations with irrational numbers

•       Permutations

•       Histograms and Box-and-Whisker plots

•       Scatter plots and line of best fit

•       Empirical probability

•       Probability of dependent and independent events

•       Problem solving


Concepts/Skills to Sustain 

•       Angle relationships of parallel lines

•       Pythagorean Theorem

•       Operations with monomials

•       Number properties

•       Area and perimeter of irregular shapes

•       Volume and surface area of cylinders
        and right rectangular prisms

•       Properties of triangles

•       Properties of quadrilaterals

•       Measures of central tendency

•       Scientific notation